May 11 to June 3, 2017

Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Artist Statement

To see and to know are less connected than before. In an age of disinformation, digital photographic images are no longer (if they ever really were) bona fides of the “real” world. But drawings help us to recalibrate our reading of the visual world. It’s important because what we see, what we don’t see, what we imagine, what we know and what we believe shape the reality we live.

A drawing transmits an authentic human experience in a way that digital and virtual representations of the world cannot. There are many reasons why: everybody draws, humans have always made marks on things. The materials of drawing are elemental and ubiquitous. Drawings synthesize memory, emotion and first-hand experiences to express something essential about life on Earth in the the here and now.

The drawings of Northland are representations of the way I experienced the arctic in September and October 2017. The atmosphere and landscape at the end of the season of the sun, descending into blue winter light. These drawings embrace both seen and unseen things, impressions and observatons of nature gathered in silence. Daydreams and experience merge to create an imaginary of arctic that is in some ways more real that a digital snapshot.  

In two recent artist’s books on display in Northland I used a QR code. It’s a complex visual object, simultaneously an abstract array of shapes and an illegible cypher holding a latent image. It invites questions about how images shape reality. What opportunities arise through remaining unseen? Is the condition of latency also a kind of agency? My work explores the role of the visual in our lives. By shaping a visual response to my experiences - by observing and transmitting - I am building a toolkit to parse the visual.

Andrea Krupp


A true and accurate depiction -  Acrylic and graphite, 23” x 57”, 2017.


Array - Acrylic and graphite, 19” x 48”, 2017.


  Dissolution -  Acrylic and graphite, 23” x 38”, 2017. 


Barrier -  acrylic, graphite, 25” x 38”, 2017.


Longyearbyen -  Graphite, acrylic on translucent paper, 23" x 38", 2017


Refigured Landscape -  25” x 19”, acrylic, graphite, collage, 2017. 


Sublimation -  Acrylic and graphite, 19” x 23”, 2017.


Islands, Fog, Ice -  Graphite and acrylic, 14" x 20", 2017.



Stasis -  Graphite and acrylic, 20" x 14", 2017.


Extraction I - Graphite and acrylic, 14" x 20", 2017.


Extraction II -  Graphite and acrylic, 14" x 20", 2017.



Mirage - Graphite and acrylic, 14" x 20", 2017.


Northland composition – 1 - Graphite, acrylic on translucent paper, 17" x 23", 2017


Northland composition – 2 - Graphite, acrylic on translucent paper, 23" x 17", 2017