Leaves are graygreen

More WCW today. Here, I'll just copy down the whole thing: William Carlos Williams, "Lines" (1921)

Leaves are graygreen, the glass broken, bright green.

Just a reminder to myself to be concise with selection and editing as I paint, and precise with color.

Here are some of the mountain studies from today and yesterday. Lots of graygreen moss around. The first one is 16" x 13", the second is a small acrylic sketch on handmade paper, about 6" x 5". IMG_2348IMG_2349

Alas, I bought a huge stash of Icelandic Lopi wool today, so it will take all my willpower to not get sidetracked with knitting hats.

Sounding my barbaric... yip?

I am thinking about Walt Whitman, as you can probably guess by the title of this post.  (I posted about the ModPo MOOC recently.) My barbaric yip is taking the form of 6x8 inch mountain studies in acrylic on handmade paper. Small studies, so not quite a Yawp, but still, for me, barbaric.

I used a limited palette, just to keep things from getting completely out of control.  Working in sets of 2, the first painting is based loosely on a photograph or a sketch, and the second painting is based only on the first.  I will probably keep working on them, but for now this is how they look.  I have 2 other sets in progress.


second one of the set

I had a lot of fun with these today, cozy and warm in the Gullkistan farmhouse while the gale was blowing outside, working at the living room table, reading poetry and painting, relaxed, slow, and steady.


About 6 months ago, before my travel plans were set, I signed up for a MOOC that has been running from UPenn for many years, Al Filreis' Modern & Contemporary Poetry.  I wasn't sure if I would have the focus for this 10 week course during my painting residency, but I am finding, now that it is up and running, that it is a source of enrichment and inspiration.  I have always turned to poetry for that mind-opening sense of  falling into words.  I have never formally studied the reading or the writing of poetry, I just know that I respond to it in a deep way.  So with this course I am finally pinning the tail on the donkey and getting some context.  I love it!  There are 27,000 people all over the world currently following this ModPo MOOC.  Now THAT is some awesome transformational power!   Wiki - main syllabus | Modern & Contemporary American Poetry.