Andrea Krupp is a visual artist with a BFA in Printmaking-Book Arts (University of the Arts). She is also a rare book conservator at the Library Company of Philadelphia, work that provides intellectual and historical context for her visual art. Her work has been recognized in solo and group exhibitions and has garnered awards and fellowships. She is a 2017 Independence Foundations Visual Arts Fellow. The award was granted to support a 15 month research/visual art project called Northland. Other highlights include the Ballinglen Fellowship, the Arctic Circle Residency, and CFEVA Finalist. Her artist books are in numerous University collections including UPenn, Temple U, Oberlin and Colorado College, and a painting was acquired by the Woodmere Art Museum. She curated (and co-curated) two main exhibitions, and published an award winning bibliography on the material culture of the book.

Using simple materials such as graphite and acrylic paint, Krupp's current works on paper depict abstracted natural forms. Her approach is creative, intuitive, and introspective. Through a graphic visual language she aims to create a “pensive image,” a conduit to new ways of thinking about self, nature, time, and transmission. Her work explores the relationship between the human condition as an existential fact, based in the 'here and now', and the Earth as the indispensable place of existence itself. Krupp’s relationship with the nature she encounters through visual arts residencies (with a focus on the Arctic and other northern places) is tied to the creative and productive aspect of human nature, which streams directly from the flow of natural creation. She constructs a symbolic universe of images that echoes and supports her “gentle interrogation” of Nature.